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The calls and emails come in daily promising the best web design, amazing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and top ranking results in Google and Bing. The algorithms for search engines are always changing so you can't "just set it and go." The technology of how websites are searched, found and displayed is fluid. We don't say the solicitations you get are empty promises but they're pretty lofty, ambitious statements and certainly tough promises to keep.

Why turn over the only key to your website? Did you know that OWNING your own website for YOUR business or YOUR company is part of your company's valuation? OWN IT. We always set you up with the keys for you to keep (whether you choose to use them or not,) We don't mind driving if you prefer and are happy to manage your website, but anytime you'd like to take the wheel, the vehicle is yours.

Are we on the other side of the world? in New York? Silicon Valley? Digital Corridor? No, we are between Charleston and Goose Creek, SC. We love to do business face-to-face with a handshake and at least initially meet in person. We will travel to you for our consult and see if we are a good match for you. If you'd like to work with us, we'd love to work with you.

Proven Results

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Design Skills 101%
Late Nights 82%
Pizza 65%
Coffee 41%
RedBull 50%

Features And Options:

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Websites Are Us

We Design, Host, Manage

Whether it's a landing page or an extensive website with many deep pages, we can handle it for you. It will be mobile friendly, responsive and your full site as well as mobile version will have user friendly, easy to fill out forms (if your business uses forms.) Wow your web visitors.

Online Marketing Set-up

Social Media Management

We can set up your social media, Hootsuite, Facebook, Twitter, whatever you decide is right for you. We can manage those accounts pr you can: whichever you decide is best for you. Marketing can encompass Facebook targeted ads, Google Ads, SEO and content for higher rankings. 

Non-Profit Savvy

Maximize your opportunities

Google for non-profits, Google Ad grants, PSAs are available to your non-profit. We will write, voice, produce your Public Service Announcements and distribute them for airplay and broadcast for you. We recommend at least one to two "evergreen" spots to continuously run.

Media Coaching

Best Resources in Town

Are you media ready? Are you media shy? We can help you overcome your nerves and jitters by being coached and recorded in interviews by real journalists in real studios with real microphones and real cameras. You'll be prepared for the softball questions and PR puff pieces AND/OR the most hostile interview. You keep the recordings to study. We can accompany you to the actual interview you've prepared for.

Traditional Marketing

Print, TV, Radio Advertising

We can do your traditional advertising and PR from writing and submitting press releases to writing, voicing and producing your TV and radio commercials. We write and place advertisements in newspapers, magazines, business journals and advocate on your behalf for media coverage for you. We arrange your media appearances and interviews for TV and radio and accompany you to make sure you're comfortable in your new role.  .

Full Production House

Audio, Video, Photo, Graphics

We offer voice work as in voice-overs, narration, on-hold messages by local, well-known talented personalities and voice actors. Use your own voice in your commercial or one of our talents. We also offer complete professional video production and commercial photography for your business. We offer graphics packages such as logo creation or recreation, website graphics, business signage, invoices, etc. We do it all.

Our Services Are many!

Need some help? We can help!

Whether you're a small business or non-profit we can partner with you to expand your footprint.

Website Design?

We can help!

We create amazingly stunning websites. They are mobile responsive, user-friendly and chock full of all the rich features your website needs. As more people connect with the web via mobile devices and even SPEAK searches into their phone, being mobile-friendly is essential. If you have forms for your clients to fill out, why not save them that twenty minutes with the clipboard? Use mobile- friendly forms that come straight to your inbox.

Outdated? Need Updating?

We Can Help!

Have you been told that your website is not mobile friendly according to Google's mobile friendly criteria? It may be that it looks great on a desktop or laptop but not on the tiny screen of a cell phone. The text may be too small to read or the margins too wide. If potential customers are searching and finding you on their phones but can't see or read your website, you're likely losing them. And with the attention span of today's average person,  if they can't "click to call" you... they are on the the next website to the guy down the street that they can "click to call."

Market Plan/Strategy?

We can help!

What part does branding play? What IS your brand? How are you growing and protecting it? What communication and marketing "channels" should you use? Social Media... Do you HAVE TO be on Twitter and Snapchat? If you build it WILL they come? Perhaps you have found out the answer is no... not without a reason to be there. So, where your clients? How are you connecting with your audience?


We Can Help!

Would you like to be on TV and Radio? Do you NEED to be? We have 20 plus years experience  in local broadcasting meaning we have access and contacts. If you are a non-profit and not utilizing your local TV/Radio market, you're passing on free or discounted opportunities to get your message out there. We write, produce, distribute PSA's and press releases. We advocate on your behalf for media coverage. We arrange  interviews for print and broadcast media. We even accompany you to the studio to make sure you are comfortable and get you started.

One Small Team

With Great BIG Talent!

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